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Undercurrents Show at WOW x WOW

I am pleased to announce that I am taking part in an online group show with WOW x WOW gallery.

"Undercurrent: [noun] 1) an underlying feeling or influence. 2) a current of water below the surface and moving in a different direction from any surface current."

"There are times during the creative process when inspiration arises that can push the work in a different direction or give it new context. This inspiration may be the result of our dialogue with the piece and responding to its call, or alternatively, it may arise from a more subconscious place, a part of the mind where we don’t have full conscious control, or know the motivations of it. It can be very worthwhile to allow this part of our creativity the room to guide us. There’s an almost mystical quality to the way the subconscious mind serves as a wellspring of inspiration. It’s as if a hidden treasure trove of ideas, emotions, and imagery lies beneath the surface, waiting to be exploited, unearthed and to be brought to life on the canvas or on any chosen artistic medium. So, please join us this month for a truly fabulous group exhibition, where we dive deep into the magical realms and mysterious flows of the ‘Undercurrents’." (excerpt from

Two paintings are for sale including a new piece titled "Dawn", and a painting from last summer's Dark exhibition titled "Scarce".

Both pieces are framed and sold exclusively by WOW x WOW for the duration of the show.The online show takes place from February 2nd to 23rd 2024.

For more information, please contact

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