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Passage painting by Dave Todaro
Passage | 48" x 24" | acrylic on panel

Elements of the painting begin to take on a surreal tone as lighting and colours shift, pulling the viewer out of their comfort zone and into a new reality. Animals act in unexpected ways and draw attention to a scene unfolding in a recognizable, yet secret environment. We are invited to witness intimate moments - moments of tension, serenity and belonging; to experience a surreal glimpse into worlds too hidden and intimate to come across in everyday life. It is these moments of wonder that I hope will resonate with the viewer.

Night Lights painting by Dave Todaro
Night Lights | 12" x 16" | acrylic on panel

I aspire to create paintings that draw the viewer into a place that is at once relatable yet distant from the human experience. I want them to gain an understanding that these frozen moments are relevant and meaningful. The fauna and flora found in my work is always from Canada. My own connection to nature is a big part of my identity as a person and an artist, and thus a big part of the artwork that I create.

The goal of these detailed paintings is to awaken the viewer to a new experience with nature, to feel uncomfortable and curious. I want them to realize that these creatures have their own stories unfolding in places we will never see, in ways we will never understand; that this wildlife with which we share habitat, exists in a different reality - a different dream. Their world is just as relevant as our own. These places, these realms, these dreams need protection and command respect.

Hunt painting by Dave Todaro
Hunt | 12" x 9" | acrylic on panel

Humanity is at a crossroads with the natural world. Now more than ever, it is important to connect people to the land and all of its biodiversity; and to understand the natural systems on which we depend to sustain our own lives. This responsibility doesn’t lie solely on the shoulders of scientists or politicians. It is also the responsibility of musicians, performers, and fine artists to tell the stories that will connect us to the land, its creatures, and its dreams.

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